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Our transportation optimization software solutions help companies and agencies of all sizes plan their services, manage their shifts, and meet mobility demand.

Intermodal and Integrated Service Planning

Learn how you can increase service attractiveness, and discover the four strategies to increase service quality with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite.

Scenarios to Address Tenders and to Improve Decision Making

Learn how public transport companies can adapt to social changes, managing and addressing the impact in service planning. The three keywords are: tenders, simulations, and abrupt service changes.

Timetable Optimization for Multiple Lines: 3 Case Studies

Discover how to optimize timetables for public transport services with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite operating multiple lines, trying to best meet passenger needs, and how the management of passenger transfers can improve the service and reduce operating costs.

Service Accounting in Naples, Italy

Find out how using MAIOR's dispatching reporting module has made it possible to introduce organizational, operational, and management changes to the public transport operator in Naples, in Italy, and enhanced the governance of the daily management process.

Timetable Optimization in Urban Corridors

Discover how you can increase service efficiency by providing a better passenger experience in strategic areas of your network with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite, finding the right balance between users' desire for the smoothest possible service and minimizing the cost of operation for public transport companies.

Advanced Optimization in Bologna, Italy

Find out how one of the main passenger transport operators in Italy, Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna (TPER), plans optimized duties for urban and regional services, addressing all the specific driver rules, using scenarios and simulations to increase efficiency and improve the service quality offered to passengers and employees.


Synchronizing trips can significantly improve mobility and passenger experience. Read the article and learn how the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite helps you manage, plan, and optimize.

eBus Fleet Planning & Scheduling in Bogota, Colombia

The public transport company Mueve Fontibón, concessionaire of TRANSMILENIO S.A., Colombia's leading BRT company, has chosen the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite to plan the operations of its 172 new 100% electric vehicles to provide the public transport service in the western part of the capital city.

Technology, Development, and Cybersecurity

Our Chief Technology Officer and Head of Software Development Division tell us what we're doing at MAIOR to provide secure, high-performance solutions to our customers.

An Interview with our CEO

Discover in this interview with Leopoldo Girardi how the company was founded, what makes MAIOR unique, the importance of R&D activities and cooperation with universities, and which are the future challenges of the public transportation industry.

Smart Duty Management

An unexpected event like a breakdown, an accident, or a driver being knocked out by the flu, can impact throughout the entire planning process chain and this can considerably increase the risk of disruptions, delays, and loss of passenger connections.

Greener Public Transport

Electric mobility is an inevitable choice for public transport companies seeking a more sustainable environmental balance. Greener public transportation needs battery-powered vehicles, but managing routes and charging times are complex without the algorithms developed by MAIOR.

My trip? I decide it with the app

Mobility on demand and local public transport companies: a challenge to win.

To respond to the desire for autonomy in the choice of travel solutions, the public service must plan and inform innovatively.


Find out how MAIOR solutions help transportation companies respond to the COVID-19 emergency. Analysis of scenarios, ease of remodeling services, speed in optimizing resources, speed in communicating with drivers, and timely information to passengers are the most appreciated features of MAIOR solutions in COVID-19 management. 

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