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Service accounting in Naples, Italy

Service Accounting to increase savings: Naples’ Success Story


The public transport company that operates urban and regional services in Naples, Italy, is ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità). The company provides bus services to more than 63 million annual passengers, and rail services to more than 56 million annual passengers. The company operates 2 metro lines, 4 funicular lines, 80 urban and 14 bus lines, and manages over 5 million rail service kilometers, and over 12 million bus service kilometers.

ANM has been using the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite for more than 20 years, and since 2020 has integrated the Sevice Accounting module. The module is integrated with all MAIOR suite planning, scheduling, and operation modules, as well as with the company’s ITS system.

The integration and automation of the use of MAIOR’s service accounting module have made it possible to introduce organizational, operational, and management changes that have impacted positively the business performance, in terms of better governance of the daily management process.


Optimized Reporting of Operations Daily Management


 “Thanks to the MAIOR Suite, it has been possible to us to optimize the process of summarizing daily management data through the introduction of the event-driven logic.

We have moved from an entirely manual service accounting process to an integrated, automatic, and efficient management process.

In this way, we’ve achieved significant benefits in terms of efficiency in the service accounting process.”

– Aldo Paribelli, Transportation Operations Manager, ANM Napoli, Italy


MAIOR's service accounting module for ANM

Benefits of integrated, automated and efficient Service Accounting with MAIOR


Thanks to the Service Accounting module of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite, the public transport company provider of Naples, Italy, has been able to:

– Integrate – By implementing MAIOR’s service accounting module in which scheduling data, driver-validated registration data, and real-time data from the ITS system in a timely manner

– Automate – By introducing a real-time verification or control phase between the driver and the supervisor to reconcile and specify only those situations that could hardly be interpreted in a back office phase after the event

– Increase efficiency – By making the phase of registering daily operations data concurrent with the phase of daily service closure that takes place by the Head of Operations directly on the evening when the exercise took place and directly at the depot


Service Performance Monitoring


Thanks to the Service Accounting module of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite, the public transport company provider of Naples, Italy, has been able to:

– Set the conditions for the creation of a database for monitoring the service planning and scheduling performance and comparison between the planned and performed service

– Make it possible to generate automatic service reports to pertinent public transport entities in significantly reduced time

– Test the reliability level of the company’s ITS system

Service Accounting module of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite


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