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Partnering to win tenders can be a strategic move that offers numerous benefits, including increased expertise, expanded resources, and improved chances of success. When approaching new business opportunities to run public transport services, partnering with MAIOR can enhance the chances of winning tenders and achieving long-term success.

To optimize the planed service needs, you’d need to design the service operations in terms of changes in the network, timetables, fleet schedules, driver or crew schedules, and costs, especially when integrating new lines to the network, adding new e-buses to the fleet, or modifying the service frequencies to better address passenger demand.

Therefore, bidding for a tender needs different what if scenarios creation, and the evaluation of them in terms of public transport industry KPIs, such as like revenue KMs, non-revenue KMs, total vehicles, and so on. Thanks to MAIOR’s powerful optimization, flexibility, experience, and speed, you’d be able to answer to tenders in the best possible way.

Create multiple scenarios for more winning chances

Bidding for a tender often requires the ability to create and present multiple scenarios to showcase the flexibility, creativity, and capacity to address various possibilities and challenges. Scenarios help demonstrate
that your public transport company can adapt to different situations and meet the operation needs, passenger needs, and service quality needs effectively.

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Here’s why the ability to create multiple scenarios with the MAIOR Suite is crucial during the tendering process:

When creating multiple scenarios for a tender in the public transport world, it’s essential to ensure that each planed scenario is realistic, well-documented, and aligns with the tender’s requirements. A well-thought-out and versatile proposal can significantly increase your chances of winning the tender and securing the contract.


Comprehensive scenario for a full view on network, timetables, vehicle and driver scheduling

Accessing MAIOR’s skills and technologies to plan optimized operations for the public transport world will improve your competitiveness and increase your chances of winning business.

Have a full view on the planned service to better evaluate what if scenarios and alternative solutions to managechallenges.

Powerful cost reduction thanks to MAIOR’s powerful optimization algorithms

Leveraging MAIOR’s strengths in optimizing the service planning, the resource scheduling, the operations management, and the performance monitoring processes for companies operating in the public transport sector, will help you easily find the best possible tender solution.

Advanced KPIs evaluation

Evaluating public transport indicators is essential for assessing the performance and effectiveness of a tender proposal. Measure aspects of public transport operations and provide valuable insights for improving service quality and efficiency using service quality indicators, such as service punctuality and reliability, service frequency and coverage, vehicle capacity utilization, travel time and speed, and more.

Proven experience in managing regular and extraordinary operations:

Use MAIOR’s experience of over 15 years in planning mobility for a big city event. Better manage the increased demand for transportation services and the need to manage large crowds efficiently. Plan timetables according to the expected traffic congestion, maximize the efficiency of the fleets’ capacity, ease last-mile connectivity, guarantee trips connections for better passenger experience, provide timely schedules information, and manage unexpected situations that may disrupt the mobility plan.

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