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Airline Services Operations planning. Optimized.

The MAIOR Suite optimizes, automates, and simplifies all processes related to the creation and publication of air crew rosters, as well as the post-publication real-time management of crews and flights.

The MAIOR Suite is the combination of powerful automatic optimizers, web-based modern and a user-friendly interface, and complete seamless integration with 3rd party systems.


powerful embedded algorithms

thanks to

powerful built-in optimizers you will benefit from

✅ Advanced Optimization 

✅ Strategic Planning 

✅ Resource Efficiency 

✅ Performance Enhancement 

✅ Green Sustainability  

At the core of the MAIOR Suite designed for efficient airline service planning lies a set of robust optimization algorithms. Employing advanced service planning techniques, the MAIOR Suite effectively minimizes operational expenses by strategically enhancing routes, charging schedules, and energy consumption. Consequently, this approach maximizes operational effectiveness and efficiently utilizes the available resources.

The total solution is MAIOR Suite

We put the power of efficient planning and dynamic resource management directly in your hands, giving you maximum flexibility and control. 

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

The MAIOR Suite enhances all planning procedures to schedule a service that demonstrates the utmost cost-effectiveness. Various teams have the ability to collaborate on different scenarios, effectively strategizing for fleet management, pairings, and rosters. Multiple solutions can be generated and assessed, facilitating the selection of the optimal choice for publication.

Operations Management

Operations Management

The MAIOR Suite streamlines the handling of adjustments while taking into account all facets of daily real-time and short-term management. The integrated modules offer a comprehensive solution applicable from all viewpoints, swiftly realigning with existing plans. Subsequently, the different teams can assess both automated and manual solutions for evaluation.

Rich and Modern

Web application with focus on ease of use and general user experience

Transparency and Traceability

Ownership and goals of changes are tracked and maintained

Crew Portals Integration

Integrate data from crew portals and smartphone apps

manpower component

Estimated full-time-equivalent report (Manpower component)

Estimate the required workforce at various levels (long-term planning, pairings planning).


Estimated economic cost report (Money Machine component)

Estimate of the monetary costs for a given situation or scenario for any level (long-term planning, pairings planning, roster planning, or management).


Validate the Scheduled Service Quality

Validate in real-time rotations, pairings, and rosters automatically and continuously to promptly provide short-loop feedbacks to operators.

Advanced Operations

Planning Modelling

The MAIOR Suite (including algorithms and real-time validation) can leverage a rich set of data regarding aircrafts, crews, and rules.

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Managing a public transport service?

The MAIOR Suite helps public transport authorities and operators managing e-bus, bus, streetcar, metro, and light rail serviceS

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Case studies

Learn how the MAIOR Suite optimizes public transport services operations planning worldwide

Case studies

Learn how the MAIOR Suite optimizes public transport services operations planning worldwide

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