MAIOR provides its customers with go-live support, consultancy, and training, so that they can make the most of all our solutions

10 Product Specialists

focused on activities aimed at supporting your projects

Training Plans

fully tailored to your needs

4 Customer Support Specialists

providing production support services


When the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite is up and running, customers rely on the Customer Support team, and during the entire process of new system adoption, up to the go-live, customers get assistance from our Customer System Deployment team. 

A support to make the most of MAIOR solutions

Our Project Managers define and share the activity plan with the customer, right after the formal acquisition is done. In our kick-off meeting, we start from the customer's real needs in order to precisely fit the project's goal, while also deciding the timing and resources needed

Then, we proceed with the analysis of the business processes, through which we understand and outline the procedures currently adopted at the customer’s site and highlight how MAIOR solutions could help to refine the workflow

The Customer System Deployment team designs a customized training plan, built upon the information collected during the kick-off phase and aimed at providing the customer with the functionalities needed to fully take advantage of this new system.


Two Product Specialists are assigned to each customer, who help them shape their training path through online meetings, theory lessons, and practical sessions. If necessary, on-the-job training sessions are also available, during which our Product Specialists help our customers to work on real data. All our Product Specialists are Transport Engineers with relevant experience in our field.

In case new needs emerge beyond what was initially agreed, during the phase to support the go-live, the training plan can be modified to match the new objective. To make sure that it’s the most effective plan, our Customer System Deployment team keeps in constant touch with the customer to receive ongoing feedback.

Support Services for the Production phase

The customer, after successfully implementing the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite, is assisted by the Customer Support team, which is dedicated to solving any problems or clarifications on the use of the software.

Using a dedicated portal, the customer enters a ticket describing the problem encountered in the use of the software or requesting advice on some operation.


One of the 4 Customer Support Specialists examines the ticket in the shortest time possible, providing the requested clarification, or in the case of an error report, verifies what has been reported and if necessary, refers to the development groups for troubleshooting.

All of our Customer Support Specialists are university graduates and have a deep knowledge of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite.

Communications, both externally with the customer and internally with the development groups, are carried out with trouble ticketing systems, in order to track all the progress on the status of the tickets, thus keeping the customer constantly informed.

MAIOR School and MAIOR E-Learning: Constant training to customers

In 2015 MAIOR introduced an additional training service for its customers. The purpose of MAIOR School is to provide advanced training, going further the sole operative side of MAIOR's solutions.


Thus, every year our customers are invited to a series of face-to-face lessons, during which they’re given insights on the use of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite to ease and optimize their processes. It’s a great occasion for transportation companies to meet and share their experience. MAIOR School’s offer and activities are managed by two Senior Master Product Specialists

In 2020, in addition to the MAIOR School, we wanted to provide our customers with more training opportunities, and we launched the MAIOR E-learning.

MAIOR E-learning consists of a series of webinars with a more informative purpose, including interactive moments, where our Senior Master Product Specialists show the many possibilities of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite by putting them into context with current industry events and trends.