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For over 30 years we have been helping small, medium, and large public transportation companies operating all kinds of vehicles (bus, streetcar, metro, trams, and airplanes) to optimize the scheduling and management of vehicles and operators to help them guarantee efficient transit services with controlled costs. Our innovative software solutions' flexibility allows our customers to address any operational or business needs. The ability to create and manage simulation scenarios in an intuitive and immediate way also provides managers and executives with a valuable tool to support strategic decision making

Waikato Region, New Zealand

Waikato Regional Council is responsible for the planning, management and provision of public transport in the region. The agency is responsible for contracting and providing bus services in Hamilton city and for some of the communities located in the nord of New Zealand.

The agency provides its services for more than 4 million annual passengers and operates about 100 buses and expects this number is expected to rise by approximately 10% over the next 5 years.

The project for Waikato Regional Council includes the deployment of a customized MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite for managing the public transport network, planning routes, designing optimized timetables, optimizing vehicle schedules addressing multiple depots, vehicle types, and layover rules, integrating with the ticketing system, and generating GTFS reports.


Waikato Region, New Zealand

Doha, Qatar - Mowasalat

Mowasalat Qatar Public Service provides public transport throughout Doha and to all major communities in Qatar.

It operates more than 7000 staff members, and more than 2000 buses, of which around 50% are fully electric vehicles.

The company has chosen to implement the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite due to its strong algorithm capabilities to allocate buses and drivers for a given scenario, to support multi-depot and multi-operator environments, benefiting from robust solutions for routing, scheduling for vehicles and crew on the go. More specifically, Mowasalat Qatar the features for network planning, timetable optimization, running times analysis, vehicle blocking and run-cutting optimization, driver assignment, and daily management, addressing all the needs of managing electric buses.


Doha, Qatar - Mowasalat

Bogota, Colombia – Mueve Fontibón

Mueve Fontibón is one of the most innovative and greener public transportation providers in Colombia, operating in the city of Bogota, and providing its services to over 30.000 passengers daily.

The company manages over 170 ultra-modern electric buses, through a network of over 550 bus stops, covering over 30,000 daily kilometers. The new ultra-modern fleet aims to increase not only the efficiency of operations and facilitate the work of drivers, but to enhance passengers’ experience and will improve the quality of life in Bogota.

Mueve Fontibón has chosen to implement the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite to optimize the planning and scheduling of its eBus Fleet Operations, building timetables taking into account EV range, and monitoring the state of charge (SoC) when working on vehicle blocking.


Bogota, Colombia – Mueve Fontibón

Bologna, Italy - TPER

TPER (Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna) is one of the main passenger transport operators in Italy, providing services by road in Bologna and Ferrara and by rail in the Emilia-Romagna region.

TPER, with its public transport services, covers an annual mileage of over 50 million kilometers; 44.2 million on bus services, and 5.8 million kilometers on rail.

TPER has chosen to implement the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite to optimize the planning of services, improve passenger experience, and manage all the peculiarities of the drivers' duties. It is thanks to the advanced use of simulations, scenarios, and rule changes, that TPER is always able to find optimal planning and scheduling solutions in always shorter times and at minimum cost.


Bologna, Italy - TPER

Rome, Italy - ATAC

ATAC is the largest public transportation company in Italy. It operates buses, trams, metro and regional railways in the metropolitan area of Rome. 

ATAC has 7,000 drivers, about 2,500 vehicles and transports 1.6 billion passengers per year.

The project in Rome involved the deployment of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite tailored to perform network management, strategic service planning, vehicle blocking, and run-cutting optimization, daily operations management, and reporting. 


Rome, Italy - ATAC

Milan, Italy - ATM

ATM is responsible for public transportation in Milan and 46 surrounding municipalities. It operates buses, trams, and metro

ATM has 7,000 drivers, about 2,000 vehicles and transports 775 million passengers per year.

The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite customized for ATM includes all MAIOR suite functionalities to guarantee sustainable mobility, better passenger experience, and cost-saving operational solutions to minimize operational costs.

MAIOR and ATM work constantly together to enhance Milan's public transportation offer through innovation. With the innovative "Disruption" pilot project, ATM has recently adopted an advanced software system to guarantee the regularity of the service in the most complex network congestion situations.


Milan, Italy - ATM

Denver, USA - RTD

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver is the bus and rail transit service provider in Denver, Boulder, and surrounding cities in Colorado.

RTD manages 163 bus lines, 9 light rail lines, and operates 800 buses and 130 light rail trains.

The project includes the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite deployment for map management, trip building optimization, vehicle blocking optimization, driver duties optimization, and the system’s integration with third-party systems.


Denver, USA - RTD

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - Astana LRT

Astana LRT is the public transport company of Kazakhstan’s capital city. 

Astana LRT manages 60 lines, 1,000 vehicles, and schedules 10,000 daily trips.

The project for Nur-Sultan includes the deployment of a customized MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite for network management, timetable generation, and vehicle blocking optimization. The solution is integrated with the fleet management system.


Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan - Astana LRT

Kitsap, USA - Kitsap Transit

Kitsap Transit is a public transit agency based in Bremerton, serving Kitsap County, Washington, part of the Seattle metropolitan area.

Kitsap Transit operates 47 bus routes and 120 vehicles.

The project for Kitsap includes the deployment of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite for network management, timetable optimization, blocking and run-cutting optimization, driver duty assignment, and daily management.


Kitsap, USA - Kitsap Transit

Danhai, Kaohsiung, Ankeng, Taiwan - Thales Italy

Thales is a world leader in ground transportation solutions and has numerous projects worldwide.

Thales Italia chose MAIOR as technological partner for streetcar projects in Danhai, Kaohsiung, and Ankeng, in Taiwan.

The projects include the deployment of a Train and Driver Scheduling and Dispatching System to perform timetable design, vehicle blocking and run-cutting optimization, crew rostering optimization, and daily operations management.


Danhai, Kaohsiung, Ankeng, Taiwan - Thales Italy

Ireland, Dublin - NTA

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is the transportation authority for Greater Dublin.

It operates public service obligation contracts with different transport operators.

The Contract Management System (CMS) provided by MAIOR eases the performance monitoring of bus services operated under public service contracts across the country.

The CMS system has been designed to automatically calculate contractual KPIs, to generate customized reports for NTA and for operators, and to provide tools to analyze the transport network's quality.


Ireland, Dublin - NTA

Verona, Italy - Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti is an Italian regional airline that operates a network of routes from several Italian destinations to and from Munich. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

MAIOR deployed the MAIOR Airline Scheduling Suite for crew scheduling, crew rostering, and real-time management of delayed or cancelled flights and eventual reallocation of crew members.

This solution integrates advanced, automated bidding features and web applications crew member shifts’ self-management.


Verona, Italy - Air Dolomiti

Trieste, Italy - Trieste Trasporti

Trieste Trasporti is the public transport company of the city of Trieste, Italy.

Trieste Trasporti manages 70 bus routes and operates 300 vehicles.

The project for Trieste focused on replacing a “home-developed” software with a modern scheduling software system provided by MAIOR.

The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite performs route design, map management, trip building, blocking, run-cutting, rostering, driver assignment, employee self-service, dispatching, daily management, payroll, and AVL integration, GTFS export, and timetable printings.


Trieste, Italy - Trieste Trasporti

Milan, Italy - Trenord

Trenord operates in the most dynamic area of Italy with over 800.000 people traveling by train every day.

It provides local transport by rail and manages the suburban and regional rail service, the airport service, and the region's cross-border service, providing a total of 2.300 journeys per day, predominantly towards the hub of Milan.

MAIOR's project for Trenord involves the implementation of a Crew Management System that optimizes the duties assignment and management.


Milan, Italy - Trenord

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