The MAIOR Virtual Meeting is the digital appointment dedicated to sharing MAIOR news, experiences, and projects to continue improving the public transportation world

Free and reserved to MAIOR customers, partners, and friends

60 minutes

with MAIOR


adherent to the new normal


to shorten the distance

MAIOR Virtual Meeting


The first edition of the MAIOR Virtual Meeting is an opportunity to bring MAIOR's customers, partners, and friends together to share the latest company news and the most recent evolutions of the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite for public transportation operations' optimization.


"We look forward to sharing with you the projects, experiences, and challenges we are facing to provide our customers with innovative solutions for optimized public transportation management every day." - Luigi Cuseo, Chief Commercial Officer

Attendance is free, and reserved for customers, partners, and friends of MAIOR.

MAIOR Virtual Meeting

Meeting with Leopoldo Girardi, CEO

In this appointment, Leopoldo Girardi, our CEO, tells us how MAIOR continues to grow, transform and anticipate new trends in our industry to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Meeting with Leopoldo Girardi, CEO

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