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MAIOR School


MAIOR School


MTRAM training lessons


The MAIOR School is the professional development answer for the planning and management of your public transportation company.


A system that is continuously moving and evolving like public transportation requires people with more and more translatable skills. Staff training and information are among the most important ways to keep an organization on top.


MAIOR School gives companies the opportunity to enhance staff skills and ensure a quick return on your software investment.


MAIOR’s training includes courses dedicated to analyzing insights of the MTRAM solution. Most of the course covers optimizing resource allocation during the blocking, run-cutting, rostering and bidding, as well as during the service planning, the daily operations management, and the passenger information


Another added value of the courses is the opportunity to interact with different agencies and organizations at every training session, making of it the ideal opportunity to share experiences and to share working methods, both operational and organizational.


The teaching is carried out by an expert team in training and in the Public Transport, with many years of experience in actual, on-the-ground workings of Italian public transportation companies.

The courses are designed for anyone who is looking for a deeper comprehension of the methods and functionalities with the aim to better utilize the acquired knowledge when filling the growing requirements in regards to public mobility.


MAIOR School has already had 28 educational sessions, with the participation of over 117 MTRAM users and 30 companies.


Topics covered include:


Management of service changes: techniques to dynamically modify timetables and operational calendars, management of permanent variations, approaches, and analysis for the management of service reductions. New simulations modes to face bids. 


Approaches for run simulation: techniques for the management of test scenarios for labor contracts, analysis of costs for bids and feasibility study of new services. Insights for modifications of rules and vehicles for vehicle runs and driver duties optimization.


Methods of rostering and bidding: methods for the construction of rotation tables, definitions of days-off schemes, the creation of different service calendars, control of the working load average and rest days. Utilization of bidding algorithm for equal distribution of work for driver runs.


Daily operations management: theoretical and practical session on the management of daily changes in service, such as shifts breakups, absences, added and suppressed trips, delays, vehicle assignments, and depot management.​


Running time analysis: techniques and solutions to improve service planning using CAD/AVL data. Determination of optimal time bands for running times and frequency for the creation of timetables and their redesign.


Management of passenger information: techniques and functionalities to effectively manage the passenger information, the different printing typologies and the timetable publication on the corporate website or through Google Transit.



The courses are interactive. The traditional lesson structure includes one or more practice projects, case studies, and simulations. Plenty of time is then dedicated to practical exercises, which allow participants to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and improve direct operating instruments, having experiences as common links between the different companies participating.


For more information on the content and course dates, please contact us.