Optimize with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite the design of your timetables, also for multiple routes at the same time, to address your headways goals, or to manage your vehicles' availability, or to meet your passenger demand

Key Features and Benefits


Connect trips from different lines to magnify your passengers' experience and enhances vehicles’ efficiency

Timetable Optimization

Generate trips that automatically satisfy your business goals, like the available vehicles, the desired headways, or the passenger demand

Urban Corridors

Plan your service with optimized headways among lines that may share a common corridor to better address passenger demand

Feeder Trips

Build automatically trips in coordination with other lines arrivals or departures to improve your riders’ experience

Dwell & Recovery Times

Tailor dwell and recovery times by routes, terminals, day types and also time band, so that you build trips precisely and accurately

Service Exceptions

Create easily as many calendars as required to plan the transit service over multiple days and times accurately to manage special events or national days

Unique Experience

Work comfortably choosing between tabular or graphical views, customizing the colors of the lines or filtering only the information you need to simply manage your timetables

Management & Control

Monitor the service coverage with user-friendly summary windows and tooltips, keep easily under control trips KPI, check speed violations or peak vehicles to guarantee schedules compliance


Compare what-if scenarios and analyze total trips, vehicles, revenue time, recovery time, and headways to make better decisions

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Timetable Design

The Timetable Design module allows trip building optimization. The Timetable Design module within the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite is a powerful software application that enables transit companies and agencies to simultaneously manage the timetables for multiple routes and patterns, while always keeping the overall result under control.

The Timetable Design software module provides tools that allow easier identification of the most suitable timetable. The Timetable Design software application has a control panel where the transit service summary is always displayed in terms of:

-Number of trips

-Total hours and kilometers of driving time

-Recovery times

-Dwell times

An advantageous feature of the Timetable Design software module is the availability of graphic and tabular data views each contain the same data, and the users can work with the view with which they are most comfortable. Data includes revenue service trips’ details that specify the arrival and departure times at each time point.

Timetable Design Algorithm

The Timetable Design software solution is enhanced by the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite’s embedded optimization algorithm that automatically generates cost saving timetable solutions.

The Timetable Design algorithm aims to optimize trips and resources based on the following criteria:

-Headways: Using as input the desired headways by time bands

-Vehicles: Using as input the vehicle’s availability by time bands

-Passengers: Using as input the total number of passengers that shall be transported by time bands

-Trips: Using as input the desired number of trips by time bands

The Timetable Design software interface checks that the planned service does not violate the constraints imposed on the network, ensuring a conflict-free service result.

Depending on the transit company’s needs, calendars can be created and tailored as desired to build different trip operating days (for example, special Wednesday market trips). The calendars are custom-built, with a start and finish date and weekly frequency validity of the trips (for example, a Monday-Friday calendar from Sept 1st, 2020 to June 10th, 2021, or a Wednesday calendar in the same period for a special event). Transit companies and agencies can customize exceptions as well.

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