Plan your routes quickly and effectively with the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite and experience how easy it is to manage and keep your entire transit network up-to-date

Key Features and Benefits

Background Map

Feel free to choose and improve your favorite base map by adding or modifying public roads, intersections, depot’s internal roads, gates, and forbidden maneuvers

Map Layers

Add additional layers to your base map, using shape files or external web-map-server (WMS) to experience your unique visualization of the transit network

Routes and Patterns

Use drag-and-drop stop definition and drawings to easily define your routes and patterns including depot’s gates and deadheads


Create cartographic drawings of your deadheads and define your depot’s gates, so that non-revenue trips are accurately measured

Multi-Modal Network

Jointly design your bus, streetcar, metro, and light rail transport networks in one single tool to improve integration and better serve your riders

Network Scenarios

Create different versions of your transit network without impacting the production environment to evaluate 'what-if' scenarios and understand the impact of network’s changes

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Route Planning

The Route Planning module is dedicated to transit network design and management. The Route Planning module within the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite provides transit companies and agencies with complete management of all the elements needed to define the entire transit network for their bus, tram, rail, and metro services.

Using the Route Planning software module, users can easily manage public transportation stops, platforms, relief points, signals, time points, links between stops, deadheads, routes, patterns, and more.

The Route Planning software application allows users to define and manage all the parameters needed to plan the public transport service, including but not limited to:

-Location of depots
-Stops with important functions, such as timepoints, parking areas, or relief points