The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite optimizes the creation of your vehicles' and operators’ schedules to ensure maximum efficiency. It reduces the total number of blocks and duties required to perform your service which saves time and money

Key Features and Benefits

Costs Savings

Reduce the number of blocks and duties required to perform your service to save money and health your finances

Vehicle Blocking Optimization

Create a solution that considers automatically all deadheads, recovery times and interlining rules

Garage Assignment

Optimize the assignment of your vehicles to garages while minimizing deadheads and idle times

Labor Agreement & Policy Adherence

Build your schedules relying on the embedded rules engine that automatically checks that all your labor agreements and constraints are fully verified

Run-Cutting Optimization

Use optimization algorithms to cut the vehicle blocks into the fewest driver duties needed to cover the service


Evaluate what-if scenarios by shaping by your own algorithms parameters and rules to uncover possible added efficiencies and even more significant cost savings

Overall Optimization

Simultaneous blocking and run-cutting generates schedules that optimize vehicles and drivers at the same time resulting in benefits for those companies with unique operational situations or special services scheduling

Rosters Optimization

Create high-quality weekly or monthly rosters with an easy-to-use interface while keeping duties KPI under control

Unique experience

Work comfortably choosing between tabular or graphical views, changing the colors of the duties, filtering useful information, or using simple drag-and-drop actions

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