The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite simplifies and automates the daily management of your operation to allow you to quickly react to unplanned changes so your service stays on track

Key Features and Benefits

Work Re-assignment

Keep under control all drivers’ work changes during the day and re-assign adequate drivers to uncovered duties

Daily Service Management

Answer to real-time service changes by managing situations, like driver absences or vehicles breakdowns

Vehicle Assignment

Assign available vehicles automatically based on the customized rules for each garage

Third Party Synchronization

Include information from your fleet maintenance software to accurately assign only available vehicles

AVL System Integration

Notify the control center of last-minute changes in the planned service automatically

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce paper waste, minimize manual and repetitive work with automatic features

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Daily Management

The Daily Management module provides daily dispatching and operations management. The Daily Management module within the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite is a web tool designed to simplify, automate, and quicken the daily management of the service as it is going into effect.

The Daily Management allows transit companies to:

-Synchronize the activities undertaken in the depots with those of the central offices, which can monitor in real-time the variations on the planned service

-Provide the dispatchers with the daily service plan as soon as it is available

-Communicate the vehicle assignment of the block to external systems in real-time

-Integrate the data coming from the last-minute driver request feature, via kiosk or application, to easily change management

-Guarantee the automatic final accounting of the service carried out

The Daily Management software module helps dispatchers to easily manage the personnel’s daily absences, by assigning the uncovered runs to the available extra boards. Daily Management automatically suggests which extra board drivers are available or which are willing to work overtime, ordered according to various company-specified criteria (like balancing workload among drivers). Daily Management always checks that the configured labor agreement rules are respected and tracks any violation.

The Daily Management software module provides tools to manage daily operational changes once the service is planned. More examples include:

-Vehicle block or driver duty splitting

-Substitution of vehicles following malfunctioning

-Substitutions of drivers

-Suppression of trips or duties

-Assisted creation of activities due to delays or overtime

-Creation of extra duties

-Shift swaps among operators

Daily Management Optimization Algorithm

The Daily Management software solution is enhanced by the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite’s embedded optimization algorithm that optimizes the vehicle assignment process.

The Daily Management software application provides a specific algorithm to assign uncovered driver duties while balancing the overtime, as well as to assign hundreds of blocks to the vehicles in just a few seconds, all within the company business rules. The algorithm takes into account criteria defined by the transit company, including:

-Days of programmed maintenance

-Vehicle breakdowns

-Reserve vehicles

Each depot can specify its own assignment rules, like:

-Priority of a vehicle over another based on its usage

-Preferred assignment of certain vehicles to certain lines

-Priority rules regarding the vehicle-driver extra board association for unexpected replacements