The MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite optimizes driver assignment while balance workload and in accordance with time-off requests, labor rules, and agency regulations. It enables the personnel to bid for shifts, vacations, and overtime

Key Features and Benefits

Work Assignments

Balance the workload among operators and minimize overtime and premiums to ensure drivers satisfaction and costs control

Uncovered Duties

Assign effectively uncovered/unassigned work to available operators based on seniority and performance parameters

Rule Management

Work with different labor contracts, union rules and personnel categories at the same time so reflecting the unique behavior of your company

Web-based Personal Kiosk

Help drivers manage their working life allowing them to swap duties, request easily personal days or time off while the system automatically checks rules adherence

Web-based Bidding

Let drivers bid their duties or vacation wherever they are using a mobile app or any computer based on the seniority or a priority list and at their assigned time

Events Tracker

Log any changes that happen to your planned assignment or use customizable driver's counters to keep under control any deviations or the company’s performance indicators

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Crew Assignment

The Crew Assignment module allows the easy optimization of driver duties assignment. The Crew Assignment module within the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite is a powerful software application that enables transit companies and agencies to simultaneously manage drivers' work guaranteeing transparency and full consistency with the labor rules.

The Crew Assignment software module provides tools that allow easier identification of uncovered duties. The Crew Assignment software application helps users easily identify planned:

-Revenue service

-Non-driving tasks


-Overtime duties

Moreover, users can easily manage:

-Weekly assignments



-Labor contracts

-Personnel categorizations

For each driver, it is possible to include additional information, such as:

-Driver license expiration

-Overtime availability

-Max number of vacation days

-Job position

-Type of vehicle that he/she can drive

Crew Assignment Optimization Algorithm

The Crew Assignment software solution is enhanced by the MAIOR Transit Scheduling Suite’s embedded optimization algorithm that automatically manages labor contracts, personnel categories, and rotation tables to produce optimized driver assignment solutions.

The Crew Assignment algorithm’s schedules can be tailored in terms of:

-Limiting the assignments to certain lines

-Limiting the working hours

-Establishing a maximum daily, weekly, or monthly platform time

-Establishing a minimum number of hours between consecutive working days

The Crew Assignment Optimization Algorithm produces assignment solutions that never violates the rules unless specifically told otherwise. Users are instead warned every time an operation violated the rules. However, Crew Assignment permits the user to violate a rule if this is not set as “unbreakable”. It is possible to list all rules violated.

Kiosk and Driver App

The Crew Assignment software solution supports an optional kiosk and driver application. It is web-based and allows the drivers and personnel to:

-Bid for or request vacation days

-Make requests for personal days

-Ask to swap shifts with other drivers

-Communicate the availability or unavailability to do overtime

-View weekly runs

-View the details of their daily shift

-Check the available vacations days

The kiosk automatically manages the requests for consensual shift swaps between drivers and immediately verifies their conformity to the labor rules. Operators are notified via the portal itself, by SMS or e-mail.