The MAIOR E-LEARNING 2022 aims to help MAIOR customers in the management of the new needs and trends in the public transportation world

New learning sessions 2022: Free, online, and Live

Current topics

the new public transport needs


90 minutes of training with our team

Best practices

for the management and optimization of service planning and scheduling

Exclusive Learning Sessions for MAIOR Customers

The sessions are aimed at all those who wish to learn the functionalities of the MAIOR solution useful to respond to the new needs of efficient management of service planning and scheduling.

Each session has a total duration of 90 minutes, will be held in Italian, and users participate remotely. Registration is free and exclusive to MAIOR customers. 


  Session   Date   Time   Registration Link
 Vehicle Blocking Optimization with Electric Vehicles  May 17 11:30 - 13:00 (CET)

Value for public transportation planners, schedulers, and dispatchers


Each session presents best practices, strategies, and approaches to address the main needs and trends typical of public transportation service management in an integral, optimized and timely manner.

The sessions focus on training MAIOR solutions' users on making the most of the software by adapting the service to adapt public transport services to new needs.

Value for public transportation planners, schedulers, and dispatchers