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You are here: Home / Innovazione / Performance Evaluation with MTRAM B.I.

Performance Evaluation with MTRAM B.I.


MTRAM Business Intelligence is an advanced solution that helps agencies and operators in the public transportation industry to evaluate their performance and their quality of services.

The system makes it possible to carry out efficient real-time analysis that is simple enough for all stakeholders to use, which allows for better decision-making and helps create the strategic assessment of new optimization options.



MTRAM B.I. allows monitoring of planned and actual services of all public transport modes (urban and regional bus, rail, commuting services), and takes into account the service contract as a key factor, in order to evaluate bonuses and penalties. 
The system aggregates more than 75 different KPIs that allow users to evaluate punctuality, frequency, and lost mileage, as well as driver performance, ticketing sales, and passenger flow. 
MTRAM B.I. includes dynamic dashboards and generates automatic reports at any aggregation level (by period, by line, by stop point, among others). To guarantee data consistency and reliability, the solution includes automatic procedures for data gathering, integration and validation.


MTRAM B.I. is a proven software based on Oracle technologies, which assures high-performance and reliability, and allows users to navigate easily through multiple levels of data, thanks to advanced data drilling functionalities. 
The system’s data warehouse has been specifically designed for the public transportation industry, in cooperation with the most prestigious Italian universities. 


MTRAM B.I. is a key solution for agencies and operators to help them in their decision-making processes. The software has been designed to facilitate the monitoring and regulating of the performance of public transport services and to provide decisive information about the network’s efficiency. Ultimately MTRAM B.I. effectively supports sustainable mobility growth.